Our Process

Coaching Session

I will ask you to read and fill out some forms prior to our session. I ask questions designed to challenge your assumptions, encourage your own insights and explore where you are now. Will make a strategic plan on how to get to where you want to be, I incorporate various exercises and techniques. Once your goals and intentions have been defined, you will make a commitment to taking specific action steps and exercises before our next arranged session. We will then review the progress and make necessary adjustments if needed. We will work together until you are satisfied and have accomplished your goals.


Sessions last 55-75 minutes and are held weekly or biweekly. If you live in Miami we will meet at my office, otherwise we can meet over the phone or Skype. Sessions can be combined in person and over the phone.

Small Group Sessions

Meeting with a small group of like-minded women and men, is an effective way to create powerful change in your life. Invite a friend or two and experience the power of group support!

Outcome and Results

The length of a coaching partnership varies depending on the individual's or team's needs and preferences. For some individuals, 3 to 6 months of working with a coach may work. For other types of coaching, people may find it beneficial to work with a coach for a longer period of time.