Coaching Vs Therapy



Does not diagnose or treat



Diagnose and treat

Works with clients that are able to form an alliance and have common goals


Works with clients with entrenched problems


Focus on evolving and manifesting potential


Focus on healing and understanding


Create Solutions


Fix Problems


Accountability and “homework” between sessions held as important


Accountability less commonly expected


Tend to disclose more of their own experience

Rarely disclose own experience

Focus on the present and future


Focus on the past and present

Uses coaching techniques and approaches

Uses therapy skills

Will push and test comfort zones

Patients dictate the peace of the session

Coaching & Therapy

They both seek to support the individual. They both are delivered in much the same way, through regular “face-to-face”, Skype or phone sessions. They both work with the client’s whole life, they both work to take a person from the place they are now, to a place they want to be. And the most important thing is that both work to see the client succeed.

Coaching 411

A coach will help you accomplish what your heart desires and will help you set your goals, is a committed helping relationship in which the coach will provide support, structure, feedback, and most important accountability.

It will help you identify your strengths, value and become the best version of yourself. Will often ask powerful questions in order to make you realize what actions need to be taken, coaching is forward moving and future focus.

How I Can Help You

I help my clients move forward when they have the feeling of being stuck or can’t seem to let go of the past. I work with different techniques including vision boards. I believe in the law of attraction but without action there can be no reaction! I can help you discover what you want, why you want it and how to get it. My focus is on the present and the future, not the past. Through life coaching, I help my clients design their future rather than get over their past.

I use a variety of techniques including SI (strategic intervention) and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) I’m a true believer that each accomplishment starts with the decision to act.

Together we can accomplish anything!