About Levitate

About Levitate

Levitate, "to rise by virtue of lightness," from Latin levitas "lightness," The logo was inspired by a tree of life. Many times our thoughts and problems are so heavy that it limits are possibilities to raise, advance, and move forward. Levitate Life Coaching™ was created with the intention of helping others pursue, achieve goals and overcome obstacles, it was created to support and guide individuals to be the best version of themselves.

Levitate Life Coaching™ Mission

To guide individuals, special interest groups and organizations overcome obstacles, achieve goals and fulfill their dreams.

Levitate Life Coaching™ Vision

Each of our actions affect the world around us in a positive or negative way. My vision is for each person to find happiness, pay it forward and to appreciate life. I believe that individuals, special interest groups and organizations can find balance through coaching.

Levitate Life Coaching™ Goal

To support each individual in the process of taking action(s) and moving forward. My goal is for each of my clients to create everlasting change(s) in their life.